1. Suishotei
  2. Things to do

Things to do

Apart from everyday hustle and bustle, quietly resting.I hope today will be our new anniversary · · ·Suishotei the recommended way of spending at Suishotei.
  • first day

    • "01", 15:00, Check In

      Welcome.I checked in and went to my room.
      We will do meals and guide in the facility.
      Please have a relaxing moment.
    • "02", 16: 00, to the bath to heal tiredness of travel

      A big golden sunset and a fireball flying far away.
      Nishiizu tiredness of a trip by taking a bath that made the most of Nishiizu location.

    • "03", 18: 00, enjoying various kinds of happiness for each season

      Please enjoy a high-quality, brightly prepared table cooked with the skill of Suishotei.
      Taste the moment of bliss that tastes exquisitely.
    • "04", 20: 00, heal the tired body with the power of aroma

      Relaxing everyday stress and tiredness of travel with fragrant and pleasant aroma scent.
      Spend your time in your room.
      Opening hours: 15: 00-22: 00(Last reception 18:00)
    • "05", 21: 00, please spend time of thought.

      After enjoying dinner, change the memories of the day today.
      It is gently wrapped in the sea breeze from the window, and forgets time for the sound of the waves ...
  • Day 2

    • "06", 7: 00, morning bath watched as a horizontal line

      In the morning, get up a little early and go to a hot spring.
      While watching the horizontal line drawing the arc slowly, I am proficient with the heart and body with the famous Famous Hot Spring in Toi of Famous Hot Spring in Toi.
    • "07", 8:00, Breakfast

      For the modern people who do not have breakfast on a daily basis, we have a nice breakfast.
      We also support customers in nutrition.
    • "08", 10: 00, to Toi tourism

      After check out, we will go to sightseeing of lover's village Toi Onsen.
      Why do not you go back to the time you met and go to Lover Cape or Tabibito Misaki Cape?