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  2. Measures against new corona at this facility

Measures against new corona at this facility

  • This facility is a "Fuji no Kuni Safety and Security Certified Accommodation Facility" that has passed Novel CoronaPlease spend a relaxing time.
    ·Comply with the new coronavirus compliance guidelines for accommodations.
    ·For dinner, both dinner and breakfast will be served in your room.(All plan are room meals)
    ·Please fill out the lodging book at check-in in your room.(Check-in for all plan rooms)
    ·Air purifiers are installed in all rooms.
    ·A transparent sheet for splash prevention is installed on the front counter.
    ·Hand alcohol disinfectants are installed near the lobby and elevators on each floor.
    ·The rooms and facilities (front desk, lobby, elevator, etc.) are sterilized, cleaned, and ventilated each time.
    ·Thoroughly sanitize parts that are easy for customers to touch, such as room keys, information, remote controls, and door knobs.
    ·The staff carries out hand washing, gargling, wearing masks and measuring temperature.

    Request to customers
    ·Body temperature measurement at the time of visit, identification of all customers by ID card, wearing masks in public spaces,
     Thank you for your cooperation in hand alcohol disinfection.
    ·Please refrain from staying if your body temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher at the time of admission.The cancellation fee at that time is
     We charge 100% of the room rate.
    ·We ask for a social distance at the public bath.
    ·Please be careful about your physical condition.
    ·In some cases, such as when you have a fever, you may be asked to cooperate with the public health center to give instructions.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation so that all our guests can relax at this facility.