1. Suishotei
  2. 5 points

5 points

I will show you the charm of the hotel

  • We introduce plenty of charms of Suishotei, such as guest rooms, hot springs, and dishes.
    Regarding the outdoor bath special room, please reserve your reservation as soon as possible because it is very popular.

Point 1. Great reservation benefits

  • Benefits 1, Please select the Yukata which the service manager chose

    I am living a wonderful brand yukata for women.Please freely choose your favorite Yukata.
    We will rent one brand yukata, such as Sachiko Hanai, Comsa de Mode, KEITA MARUYAMA etc.
  • Benefit 2, potted plants for memories of travel

    (It is limited to those who book directly with watching the homepage)
  • Benefit 3, Private Open Air Bath, 40 minutes 1 charter, Free

    Guests with direct reservation by viewing the homepage will check-in on the day of arrival 1 Free of charge for free
  • Benefit 4, "Yukke no Yukke" from the service manager

    When viewing the homepage and directly booking guests, give "Yukke no yuke" from the service manager

Point 2. Special room with outdoor bath

  • You can see Suruga Bay from the open-air bath.
    The view of the sunset stained in golden colors, enjoying the luxurious trip of the trip to my heart's content, sea breeze is gentle, and it pours in time.

    1 guest room: Tokubetsuna Basho
    2 Rooms:Tokimeki
    3 Rooms:Happy moment

Point 3. Individually-rich rooms and decorations

  • Guest room where personality is abundant such as "corner room looking at sunset" where you can enjoy an open sunset view from two large windows, and "Tokimeki" tatami around the bathtub is visible.

    1 Room with outdoor bath:"Japanese room 27 square meters"
    2 General rooms:"Japanese room 24 square meters + 10 square meters"
    3 Special room with outdoor bath:Eternal Promise

Point 4. Exquisite cuisine of Izu Sankai

  • Fresh seafood raised from the sea of Suruga, the taste of the season that the mountains of Izu bred.Each season is rich in Suishotei, and a variety of happiness is Suishotei with the skill of Suishotei.Please enjoy the bustling evening with delicious delicacy.

Point 5. Toi Onsen with the sunset

  • A big golden sunset and a fireball flying far away.A gently arcing horizon, the far lying Southern Alps···. We are preparing a bath that makes the best use of the location called Nishiizu facing the Suruga ocean.

    1 Outdoor bath "Iki-no-yu"
    2 Observation large public bath "Iki-no-yu"
    3 Observation large public bath "Yume-no-yu"