1. Suishotei
  2. Izu Sankai cuisine

Izu Sankai cuisine

Beat the rich colors, delicate delicacy.

Fresh seafood raised from the sea of Suruga, the taste of the season that the mountains of Izu bred.
Each season is rich in Suishotei, and a variety of Suishotei are Suishotei to Suishotei with the skill of Suishotei.
Please enjoy the bustling evening with delicious delicacy.
  • Takumi's passion

    With the best material and rugged

    Fresh ingredients of this area, blessed with seafood as well as mountaineering,
    We try harder so that you can enjoy more delicious.
  • Cooking example

    ※Cooking is an image.The cooking content varies depending on the season and plan.
  • One example of dessert

    ※Dessert is an image.Contents of dessert are different depending on season and plan.
  • Sake(Bespoke food)

    Original sake maker, Fuji Nishiki Brewery Mt Fuji is used as a charge water, steaming traditional Japanese steamed kettle, using a quick fermented mother carefully.

    Select carefully, 720 ml · 300 ml
    · Daiginjo(720 ml), 6,160 yen
    · Pure rice ginjiri(720 ml)4,510 yen
    · Pure rice liquor(720 ml) 3,410 yen
    · Book brewing(720 ml), 2,860 yen
    · Pure rice ginger sake(300 ml), 1,380 yen